Biosicherheit & veterinär­medizinische Produkte



SANPHAR, das strategische Geschäftsfeld von SAN Vet für Biosicherheit und veterinärmedizinische Produkte, nimmt eine führende Rolle in der Forschung und Entwicklung von Desinfektionsmitteln, medizinischen Produkten und Zusatzstoffen für Geflügel und Schwein ein.

Wir sehen es als einen Teil der SANPHAR DNA, die Herausforderungen der Kunden zu verstehen und sichere Lösungen für ihre Bedürfnisse zu schaffen.

Im Bereich der Biosicherheit bieten wir topmoderne Produkte an, die optimale hygienische Bedingungen gewährleisten, um die Gesundheit und das Wohlbefinden der Tiere zu verbessern.

Im Bereich der veterinärmedizinischen Produkte bieten wir innovative Lösungen für die Herausforderungen der industriellen Tierhaltung. Unser Angebot an Zusatzstoffen und Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln wird mit größter Sorgfalt und unter strengsten Qualitätskontrollstandards hergestellt.


Biosecurity means protecting animals against any type of infectious agent – viruses, bacteria, fungi, or parasites. People and animals can spread disease when they come into contact with animal production facilities or carry contamination from one facility to another. Animals or equipment on a production site can carry pathogens with them, as can wild animals (e.g., rodents), insects, and pets.

Among the various biosecurity procedures to avoid such types of disease transmission are other measures, such as the use of protective clothing, quarantine periods for new animals and visitors, vector control and, last but not least, cleaning and disinfection. Good biosecurity practices help minimize the risk of disease occurring or spreading, protecting the health and wellbeing of animals and the viability of animal production.

Our approach:

  • Beware of illnesses that may not always be evident, especially in their early stages.
  • Use clean clothing and hand and footwear disinfection, especially when handling animals or moving between different areas.
  • An effective biosecurity routine is always essential – not just during an outbreak. Biosecurity also helps protect against endemic diseases.

It is the responsibility of everyone who comes into direct contact with animals, or the farm environment, to do their best to prevent the devastating effects of infectious disease on animals. Effective biosecurity should be routinely adopted as part of production management to help reduce the risk of epidemics and the negative effects of endemic diseases. Biosafety projects must be part of any animal health plan.

With SANPHAR, SAN Vet offers products and consulting services with state-of-the-art solutions that promote ideal sanitary conditions in animal housing, in addition to improving animal health and wellbeing and food use.


With SANPHAR, SAN Vet offers innovative treatment solutions for veterinarians and producers to overcome the challenges related to raising healthy animals. Our treatment options focus on therapies and improving the productive efficiency of poultry and swine farming.

As experts in animal health, our internal research and cooperation with renowned international partners provide the guarantee that our current portfolio of products against clinical and subclinical diseases work quickly, effectively, and sustainably. Our diagnostic and research & development capabilities, along with our technical expertise, innovative models, and global presence, enable rapid response to new and emerging infectious diseases.


With SANPHAR, SAN Vet offers a wide range of additives and nutritional supplements and antiparasitics produced with the highest food safety standards and under strict quality control processes.

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