Caucasian veterinarian in protective uniform crouching, petting calf and preparing to give a shot to ill calf. Stable interior.
Farm salmon fishing in Norway. Norway is the biggest producer of farmed salmon in the world, with more than one million tonnes produced each year.
chicken coops producing happy chickens
Fish farm for breeding for rainbow trout and salmon fry in net cages. Concept aquaculture pisciculture.

Quality Control


Quality control and integrated management systems

SAN Vet is committed to the principles of quality, sustainability, safety, and security.

These principles guide the development of innovative service and solutions for better animal husbandry results and animal welfare.
Procedures of the highest standards are implemented in the production process to ensure the utmost degree of control and quality for our products – from raw material input right through to the final product or service.
With full commitment to these rigorous company standards, regulations, and requirements, SAN Vet guarantees the excellence and sustainability of its products and services. One of the cornerstones of the success of SAN Vet is the ongoing improvement of our in-house processes and standards as well as the commitment to international standards of quality and environmental preservation. This is proven by the certifications of our production sites and laboratories.