Blue Economy Aquaculture Forum 2024

27. May 2024

Shaping a Sustainable Future for Aquaculture

Herzogenburg (Austria)/Ski (Norway), 20 May 2024 | The second annual Blue Economy Aquaculture Forum has come to a successful conclusion in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The event brought together global leaders and experts in aquaculture to explore innovative solutions for sustainable fish production and food security. Under the patronage of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment of the UAE, the forum was inaugurated by His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Salman Alhammadi, Assistant Undersecretary of the Biodiversity and Marine Life Sector, who delivered the opening address, highlighting the importance of sustainable practices in aquaculture.

The event served as a platform for dialogue and collaboration among diverse stakeholders, including professionals and government institutions from the region, aquaculture specialists, animal health experts, sponsors, and scientists. Despite unexpectedly inclement weather, the forum witnessed strong participation, underscoring the commitment of the global community to address the challenges facing the blue economy.

Reflecting on the success of the forum, Kai Lie Stacher, CEO of SAN Group, remarked, "The Blue Economy Aquaculture Forum exemplifies our collective dedication to advancing sustainable practices in aquaculture. By bringing together experts and stakeholders from around the world, we have taken significant strides towards shaping a more resilient and responsible future for our oceans."

Bjarne Pettersen, CEO of Sterner, echoed this sentiment, stating, "As leaders in clean water technology, Sterner is proud to support initiatives like the Blue Economy Aquaculture Forum. Together, we can leverage innovation and collaboration to address the complex challenges facing our marine ecosystems and ensure a thriving blue economy for generations to come."

H.E. Dr. Mohammed Salman Alhammadi, Assistant-Undersecretary of the Biodiversity and Marine Life Sector at MOCCAE, said, “The Blue Economy Aquaculture Forum provided an ideal platform to exchange knowledge and share insights about the latest developments in the field of aquaculture. In the UAE, the marine environment is an important economic, social, and environmental component, giving rise to vital industries. “

Preserving marine biodiversity is a focus area for us and we are committed to developing and updating legislations, guidelines, and plans to create an environment conducive for investment in a sustainable and a resilient aquaculture sector.”

The forum featured insightful discussions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration on topics ranging from recirculating aquaculture systems to sustainable food production. Participants engaged in robust conversations, sharing best practices, and exploring emerging trends in aquaculture.

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